You might assume that as we are one of the highest-rated hearing care clinics on the West Coast, we would know which hearing aid manufacturer offers the best hearing aids, but it doesn’t work like that because there is no such thing.

There is only the best hearing aid for you.

Whether upgrading your hearing aids or looking at your options, choosing your hearing aids is somewhat similar to deciding which job offer to take.

Do you go with the one that offers the most money but a less impressive title, or do you choose the job with the best benefits and the shortest commute?

Choosing your hearing aid involves plenty of considerations, and many of them are personal and unique to you alone.

Manufacturers We Partner With

As an independently owned company, we know that every person’s hearing loss is unique, and we make sure to recommend what works for the needs of our patients.

We aren’t “married” to any one manufacturer, nor are we owned by one, as is common in our industry.

That said, we are proud to work with Phonak, Oticon, Widex, ReSound, Starkey, Unitron, and more.

They are consistently rated highly by audiologists around the country for good reason, and between them, they offer us a large selection of high-quality, cutting-edge hearing aids for our clients.

There isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to helping you choose the right hearing aid. Each manufacturer is different, and we are excited and amazed by the latest advancements in technology with all of them.

Our experts carefully match your needs with the best device for your lifestyle to help you make your decision. Your needs always come first, and helping you find that perfect match is a thrill we never get tired of.

Features To Consider When Choosing Your Hearing Aids

Just like choosing between two or three job offers, there are many things to consider before you decide on your hearing aid package – the main ones being your type of hearing loss, your lifestyle, the features available, how it looks on or in your ear, and your budget.

  • YOUR HEARING LOSS: The audiologist will recommend a device that is best for your particular hearing loss. One manufacturer might make excellent hearing aids for severe hearing loss while another might create one that’s excellent for mild to moderate hearing loss. We’ll know which aids we can recommend based on your diagnosis.
  • LIFESTYLE: Someone who has an active social life may find a need for noise-canceling features that will help them function better in crowds and noisy situations, while someone with a quieter life may need something different.

Similarly, one person might need hearing aids that won’t become dislodged during certain activities, and another might need their aids to be highly resistant to sweat or earwax buildup.

  • HEARING AID FEATURES: There are several different technologies (such as Bluetooth, which gives you options to use your hearing aids as earbuds for making smartphone calls or listening to music) that can enhance the time you wear your hearing aids.
  • COSMETICS AND HEARING AID SIZE: Some people can be self-conscious about wearing hearing aids, but luckily, they come in many different sizes. Others who are more confident can even order their devices in fluorescent colors! Some might want their hearing aids to be almost invisible, and we can recommend hearing aids that fit in the ear canal.
  • BUDGET: There is a hearing aid to fit every budget, and we will work to find one that fits yours. We have five different treatment plans to fit with your requirements and budget.

First Steps In Choosing A Hearing Aid

If you think you might have a hearing loss and you live near one of our four locations throughout the Gold Country, then the first step is to schedule a comprehensive hearing assessment with one of our hearing experts.

It’s quick and non-invasive, and we will give you your immediate results regarding your hearing and a recommendation from a doctor of audiology on your options on how to treat it, should we find you have a hearing loss.

If we recommend hearing aids, then we can answer all of your questions about how to choose the right hearing aids for you.

We’re also happy to answer any questions about your hearing in general. Feel free to request a callback by clicking here or call your local office.


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Dr Kimberly Bonney Au.D.

Dr. Kimberly Bonney Au.D., graduated with her Master’s Degree in 2001 from CSU Sacramento and worked at a non-profit hearing center in Sacramento. She then began working as an educational audiologist in Placer and Nevada County schools where she found working with children who were deaf and hard of hearing to be very rewarding. After she graduated from Salus University with her Doctor of Audiology degree, Dr Bonney bought the first Gold Country Hearing location.