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Has your hearing not been the same recently? Perhaps your ears feel blocked, full, or your tinnitus is worse than it normally is.If you’ve been experiencing a feeling of clogged ears for a while and you can’t figure out why, then it might be due to a buildup of earwax.While the sticky substance plays an important function in keeping your ears clean, just like anything, when there’s too much of it, it can present a stubborn problem.Frequent headaches, sudden hearing loss, dizziness, and balance issues are all typical symptoms of clogged ears.

Your ears are delicate organs that work in unison with the rest of your body, so if you suspect something is up, then it most likely is.

Just like you wouldn’t avoid going to a GP if you realized you had a problem with your heart, it’s imperative that you get your ears checked by an experienced audiologist.

When it comes down to hearing, the sooner you act, the better, as it’s the difference between a minor problem and a more severe issue.

With over 10 years of experience and knowledge of the industry, our experts have dealt with all kinds of hearing loss concerns and can confidently say we’ve truly seen it all.

It’s just another reason why you will feel not only comfortable but also confident that you are being looked after by the best hearing care specialists in the Gold Country.

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Kim and her staff were very friendly and efficient at my last visit. Their office is very clean and lovely. It was a joy to be there.

Gail P.

Kim and crew were excellent to work with and did a fantastic job going over all options available. I love my new hearing aids.

Scot B.

I could of not had any better service from everybody, very knowledgeable in every thing. I felt very comfortable with the service.

Helen W.

What Is Earwax?

Earwax (cerumen) is the yellow-colored substance that resides inside of your ears.

It is made up of dead skin cells and hair that it picks up from the outside of the ear as it moves to the entrance of the canal.

Consisting of antibacterial properties, it acts as a natural lubricant as it protects and moisturizes the ears.

What Causes Earwax Buildup?

The causes of an earwax buildup vary. Some people are prone to producing more earwax than others or perhaps have a medical condition that causes an excess of earwax.

Generally, an earwax buildup is caused by people falsely cleaning their ears.

Cotton swabs and bobby pins are a common method, which can actually push the wax deeper into the ear, creating stubborn, immobile wax.

How Does Earwax Removal Work?

If you’ve never visited an audiologist before, you probably have all kinds of questions running through your mind. It’s not often that people look forward to the day they visit an audiologist, so it’s only natural to have some curiosity.

Luckily, our team knows exactly how to help.

#1 – Get To Know You

First and foremost, we start with a friendly chat, where we get to know you personally and your history of hearing.

This tells us how you got to this point and what we can do to help you based on our resources.

#2 – Ear Inspection

Utilizing our expert equipment, we take a deeper look inside of your ears to see if anything is going on.

This allows us to examine your ears at a microscopic level, allowing us to locate the blockage and successfully remove it.

#3 – Say Goodbye To Blocked Ears

Once we’ve had a look inside of your ears, the next step is to remove the earwax.

Using a tool called the curette allows us to scoop out the wax from harder to reach spots. With a syringe, this allows us to flush out the wax safely, allowing the wax to loosen and fall out.

#4 – And You’re Done!

If you’ve been suffering from an earwax buildup for a while, it’s extremely satisfying having it successfully removed. There’s nothing that quite compares!
Dr. Bonney of Gold Country Hearing inspecting a patient's ear before earwax removal

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Hearing is not something people pay much attention to. It’s only when something goes wrong with it that people recognize its importance.

If you or a loved one is having difficulty with your hearing, then it’s likely that it could be due to a buildup of wax. The next step is to get in touch with a member of our team.

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