Are you having problems with your hearing aids? Maybe they seem to be underperforming or aren’t working at all?

If so, you might be asking if you can get your hearing aids repaired or if you are going to have to replace them. The fact is that hearing aid repair is easy and affordable.

The Cost of Hearing Aid Repair

There is no one size fits all cost for hearing aid repair. It depends on a variety of factors. Cost ranges from $50-$450, and this is dependent on the extent of repair needed and whether or not we can fix them in-house. 

If your hearing aid requires a more extensive repair and needs sending off to the manufacturer, this is where the cost starts edging towards the higher figures.

At Gold Country Hearing, we aim to repair hearing aids in-house where possible, for the lowest price concerning your repair.

If we have to send your hearing aid away for repair, we can provide you with a loaner hearing aid. Although these hearing aids may not be quite as good as your own as they will only go through quick calibration, they will help tide you over until your hearing aid comes back from the manufacturer as good as new. We send hearing aids away by courier to make sure you get them back quickly.

Avoiding Expensive Repairs

In some cases, you may be able to solve the problem yourself without having to bring the hearing aid in or drop it off. Two common issues are battery failure and the volume control on the hearing aid being knocked or bumped. 

Make sure that the volume is set correctly and change or charge your batteries. Also, make sure your hearing aid is turned on.

You can extend the life of your hearing aid and avoid repairs by keeping your hearing aid clean. Hearing aids tend to become clogged with earwax and other debris and should be wiped down every day with a clean, dry tissue or a lint-free cloth. Repeated clogs can indicate that you have issues with excessive earwax and should talk to your healthcare professional.

Hearing aids also need to be kept dry at all times. They should be removed for showering, swimming, or engaging in water sports. Some people also prefer to remove them while applying face or hair products, creams, or sprays, resulting in clogging. 

At night, remove the batteries so your hearing aids can air out. Those who live in more humid environments could consider a hearing aid dehumidifier/dry box. It would help if you also got us to check and service your hearing aids regularly to stem off any problems before becoming a massive repair job. 

We Are Here To Help

If you or a loved one are experiencing challenges with your hearing aids, it can be highly frustrating and leave you or them in a difficult situation. That’s why, during these challenging times, our team can offer hearing aid repairs and support to all hearing aid wearers throughout Gold country.

If you are ready to book a repair, then we’re here to help. Our team of experts can answer your questions, offer guidance, and arrange an appointment at a convenient time for you.

Complete the form here, and we’ll call you shortly to finalize your appointment and answer any questions. If you need more guidance or are having problems with the form, feel free to contact us.

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Charles Sanders, Au.D.

Dr. Charley Sanders, AuD, and the team at Gold Country Hearing are excited to show what sets them apart as leaders in the industry. As a hearing aid user himself, Dr. Sanders understands that hearing loss can be isolating, so he is dedicated to helping his patients hear their best and stay connected with their loved ones. A native of the area, Dr. Sanders received his Master’s degree from CSUS and his Doctorate at Salus University. A witness to how treating hearing loss enriches lives, he returned to his alma mater, CSUS, to teach the next generation of audiologists. Patients return, again and again, often referring their friends and family, and to Dr. Sanders, that trust is the ultimate compliment.