Not long ago, Bose announced the release of its SoundControl hearing aids.

Intended to help users hear more clearly, it claims “to amplify sound for individuals with a perceived mild to moderate hearing impairment.”

As a corporation that is well known for creating high-end audio systems and speakers, it’s not surprising to see that Bose is turning its attention to amplification systems.

Recently, the Bose SoundControl has gained a large amount of attention due to its affordability compared to regular hearing aids. However, as audiologists in the Gold Country, we are always a little bit skeptical when we read something online.

Providing innovative technology to our patients is our number one priority, so it’s crucial that we inform you of the risks and implications of all types of devices.

The Big Question Is… Are Bose SoundControl Hearing Aids Worth It?

Bose has made a name for itself as a renowned and trustworthy business. Just about everyone knows the company name and has seen its products.

If you were to purchase a speaker or pair of headphones from Bose, you’d be guaranteed to receive a decent set of equipment.

However, when it comes down to hearing aid technology, there’s something that doesn’t sit right about an audio electronics company creating technology for people with hearing loss.

In truth, there are some benefits to the Bose SoundControl. However, users must be cautious when purchasing since there’s no way to know if you will hear better with this device.

What Type Of Person Would Benefit From The Bose SoundControl?

As the Bose SoundControl is targeted for those with a perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, this device is excellent for someone who needs that little bit of extra volume in certain situations.

However, this is where the problem lies. If you’ve never had a hearing assessment or evaluation with an audiologist, then you probably don’t know your level of hearing loss.

In some cases, hearing loss can be due to an earwax build-up. In others, it could be a symptom of a medical condition. These are the types of things your audiologist will look out for when conducting a hearing assessment.

The Bose SoundControl Has Its Strengths

Any type of movement towards destigmatizing hearing loss is always a great move, and Bose SoundControl will encourage a large group of people who don’t like the idea of purchasing regular hearing aids to consider hearing technology.

Buying this device from a brand like Bose takes away the “aging” factor. Since the brand is so modern, many people won’t view the SoundControl as regular hearing aids. This move will be ground-breaking for hearing care, as Bose will serve as a great first step for accessing hearing technology.

With a large 312 zinc-air battery, users can take advantage of long battery life of up to 56 hours run time.

It comes in two designs, behind-the-ear or receiver-in-canal, to deliver a natural, lifelike audio sound, which is helpful for those who are new to hearing aids.

It Has Its Weaknesses Too…

 While the Bose SoundControl is a very sophisticated device as far as looks are concerned, it presents a serious danger to those with an untreated hearing loss. In fact, it could even make your issues worse.

When purchasing this device, you don’t undergo a hearing assessment or have a conversation with a medical professional about what will be right for you.

The device is not custom molded to fit your ears so that it doesn’t fall out. What’s more, you’re left on your own to make adjustments and programming changes if you ever need to.

And this is where we come in.

At Gold Country Hearing, we’re optimistic that the Bose SoundControl will positively influence hearing care, encouraging more people to start a conversation around hearing loss.

So, What Next?

When the Bose SoundControl was launched, we were initially pleased to hear that more companies were investing in launching products for hearing loss, but we understood the implications that may come from it.

For this reason, we launched our “OTCs You Can Trust” package. This offering ensures that you receive all the benefits from our healthcare practice while stepping into better hearing at an entry-level fee.

Our “OTCs You Can Trust” Package Includes:

  • A pair of digital hearing devices from a top manufacturer – with crystal-clear sound quality, Bluetooth connectivity, and long battery life.
  • 58-point Comprehensive fitting process
  • An expert hearing check performed by a doctor of audiology – allowing us to pinpoint the exact degree of your hearing loss.
  • A 3-year product warranty – if you happen to damage or lose your devices, we have you covered.
  • Adjustments and testing available – our experts can program your device to work in the best way for you.

With just a small fee of $2250.00, this package ensures you can get all the benefits of a team of audiologists while still receiving affordable, quality devices.

We give you two ways to explore how our “OTCs You Can Trust” package works so you can decide whether it’s right for you.

If you prefer speaking over the phone, you can “Request a Callback” from a hearing professional to discuss your circumstances and receive some no-obligation advice. If you want to meet in person, you can schedule your hearing assessment appointment by clicking here.

Ensuring that we care for the hearing health of the people of the Gold Country is incredibly important to us. Whether you choose this package or another solution, we only want you to access complete hearing care, regardless of budget.

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Charles Sanders, Au.D.

Dr. Charley Sanders, AuD, and the team at Gold Country Hearing are excited to show what sets them apart as leaders in the industry. As a hearing aid user himself, Dr. Sanders understands that hearing loss can be isolating, so he is dedicated to helping his patients hear their best and stay connected with their loved ones. A native of the area, Dr. Sanders received his Master’s degree from CSUS and his Doctorate at Salus University. A witness to how treating hearing loss enriches lives, he returned to his alma mater, CSUS, to teach the next generation of audiologists. Patients return, again and again, often referring their friends and family, and to Dr. Sanders, that trust is the ultimate compliment.