Patient Priority Care

Receive Award-Winning Hearing Care from The Comfort of Your Vehicle

With low contact being preferred by many of our patients during these strange times, we introduced our “Curbside Appointments” in April 2020.

This allows you to visit us and receive the support, help, and care that you need from our parking lot without leaving your vehicle.

What is Curbside Service?

It’s essentially “drive thru audiology,” which has been met with plenty of acceptance in communities all across America. Easy access to audiological care without risking exposure to others has allowed those who might otherwise forgo hearing care the opportunity to receive the attention they require from our audiologists and technicians.

Instead of getting a burger and fries at our drive-up facility, Curbside Appointments provides many forms of hearing care service to support our patients, including:


  • Hearing aid repairs
  • Clean and check
  • Hearing assessments
  • Access to essential supplies

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Frequently Asked Questions About Curbside Appointments

Q: How do you pull off a hearing test when I’m in my car?

We’ve adapted the process to meet new challenges using innovative technologies. Using sanitized noise-canceling headphones and a tablet, we are able to duplicate the audiometry portion of testing while other parts of our hearing assessment process remain virtually the same.

Q: What’s the average wait time?

When you arrive at the facility and park in the area designated, you just give our office team a quick call to let them know that you’re there. We’ll come out as soon as possible, which is usually less than five minutes. If you didn’t book the appointment in advance, it will probably take a little bit longer.

Q: Can other people be with me in my car?

You’re welcome to bring a loved one or pack your car to the brim – it really doesn’t matter to us. We encourage bringing close family members for support and their input can be helpful during a first-time hearing assessment. Keep in mind that children may get tired of sitting throughout the duration of the appointment, and we discourage anyone from leaving your car during the appointment.

How Curbside Appointments Work

So that we’re prepared, you need to call us to schedule a convenient date/time for your visit, with emergency visits taking priority.

Here’s the steps to follow during your visit:

  • Give the office you are visiting a call when you arrive, so our team will know you’re there.
  • Park in the area designated for Patient Priority Care.
  • Have your necessary paperwork already filled out and ready to limit your wait time.
  • Remain in your car throughout the appointment (those accompanying as well).
  • Receive the requested attention from a member of our team.
Great, in this COVID 19 time. Everyone wore masks, and Dr. Sanders conducted the visit in the waiting room (it was empty). Always have good service there.
Maureen Barresi

Grass Valley, CA


Rocklin, CA


Sacramento, CA


Lodi, CA