When it comes to treating your hearing loss nowadays, there are many options available. That’s why we have so many hearing aids in our office to choose from – from all the main hearing aid manufacturers’ array of styles and features.

One of the newer hearing aids our patients are interested in learning more about is the ReSound ONE. So to help you make a more informed decision, we have put together a list of things you might like about this model to make your choice easier for an upgrade or for your first hearing aid purchase.

ReSound Hearing Aids

Founded in 1943, ReSound has been manufacturing hearing aids for every degree of hearing loss. They are known for consistently improving each model as the technology becomes available, and the ReSound ONE is an example of world-class manufacturing.

ReSound is committed to people getting professional hearing treatment, so they sell their hearing aids through hearing professionals only.

Take a Look at the ReSound ONE

The ReSound ONE comes in two different styles:

  • Behind the ear (BTE) – for those with a moderate to profound hearing loss
  • Receiver in ear (RIE) – for those who would like a speaker in the ear canal

Features of the ReSound ONE

The top features of this hearing aid are:

  1. Sound quality and background noise reduction (M&RIE)
  2. Speech focus
  3. Battery power
  4. App

Sound quality

One of ReSound’s aims was to help people enjoy speech while they were outdoors without missing out on the background sounds of nature, such as birds and running water.

Similarly, they wanted users to be able to feel the ambiance of an event or restaurant while holding a conversation. Called the “whole sound picture,” they have six microphones in the hearing aid that adjust automatically to the wearer’s environment.

You can choose which sounds you want to hear less or more of and save those preferences in the app settings.

Speech focus

The hearing aid has Ultra Focus, which focuses on speech in front of you.

Battery power

Choose between a battery-powered model or rechargeable. The portable charger provides charges for up to 30 hours, and they charge the hearing aids quickly. They also have an LED display on the charger to show how much longer till they are fully charged.

The plugged-in charger will charge the devices for a full day of life.

ReSound’s App

The ReSound ONE will stream anything you want to your hearing aids if you have Bluetooth on your phone or tablet — phone calls, TV volume, audio — leaving your hands free to stay busy while you listen.

You can enjoy hands-free calling on both iPhone and Android (newer) devices, and to answer a call, you only need to tap a button on your hearing aids. (If you already have ReSound hearing aids, ask us about upgrading your app’s software so you can do this too.)

How Do I Buy the ReSound ONE?

To buy the ReSound ONE, you have to first have a professional hearing evaluation done with an audiologist or ENT doctor. This is to ensure that the hearing aids you are prescribed are the best ones for your unique degree of hearing loss.

Gold Country is passionate about the importance of regular hearing checks and all the more so about a hearing test that helps you choose the right hearing aid for you.

Book a comprehensive hearing assessment with us at one of our four locations — Grass Valley, Rocklin, Sacramento, or Lodi — and you’ll get the results immediately, along with our expert recommendations for what’s next, in order to keep your current hearing level as good as possible and enhance what’s missing.

We are always unbiased in our recommendations for one hearing aid over another, but we promise we will only suggest hearing aids that we think best fit your exact hearing needs plus your day-to-day lifestyle and budget.

If we believe there’s a better hearing aid for you than the ReSound ONE, we will absolutely suggest that and have you try it to see for yourself.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We’re always happy to help care for your hearing.

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