Patient Stories

5 star review
JD Gates Patient Stories

.“I noticed hearing loss years ago and went and had a hearing check, but I held off getting hearing aids until I really felt it was affecting my work and home life. I was concerned that hearing aid salesmen had a reputation for being more interested in commissions than in actually helping patients. My doctor recommend an audiologist and all went fine until the bill came in at twice what I had been told. So I walked out and did not get the aids.

“A year later, I found Gold Country Hearing and they were great. No pressure, they gave me a free trial with no commitment, and I bought my first pair from them and have stuck with Gold Country ever since. My first impressions of them were that they are kind, pleasant, and interested in helping me. They don’t work miracles, but I am able to hear and understand much better than I can without them. Plus my wife does not get to hear me ask WHAT? as much. If you are considering an appointment, don’t wait any longer. Go to Gold Country and you will be happy that you did.”


5 star review
Karin Kleinhans Patient Stories

“I’ve been concerned about my hearing since I was a young adult. It [hearing loss] is in my family history. Before visiting Gold Country Hearing, the cost was a huge concern, vanity with young children & an active sports lifestyle. I was afraid I would not have any idea how to make choices with many options available and how to choose what was right for my lifestyle. The staff was attentive, called back as they said they would with answers, and they helped me navigate what I needed from my physician to get started without delays.

“The impact hearing aids have had on my life is surprisingly dramatic! I had NO idea I wasn’t hearing birds and crickets, gravel under my feet, my cat purring, leaves rustling, wind in the trees. My husband says I don’t ‘tune out’ anymore in conversations. I can hear the TV without turning up its volume (I can do it from my hearing aids!). I WANT to wear them, and nobody sees them, they are super discreet. They don’t need batteries, I charge them every night just like my phone. One more awesome perk: they are like personal earbuds. I can listen to music or apps/videos that are on my phone!

“If you are thinking about making an appointment, go sooner than later! I wish I had not waited so many years. I missed out on more than I ever realized. The staff worked with me on what I could financially manage.”

Karin K

5 star review
Steve Roddy Patient Stories

“I have experienced a high frequency loss for many years. About 6 years ago, I really was missing a lot, asking people to repeat things, avoiding challenging listening environments, and guessing what people were saying. My biggest concern before going to Gold Country Hearing was the effects of hearing loss on cognitive functions. But I had no fears at all. I knew going to an experienced audiologist was the only way to go.

“With my hearing aids, people speak so clearly! They enunciate so well! I love them! The TV volume is way down. I can communicate so much better! I can hear so many things I was missing! I’d tell anyone to go in and have a consultation. Have your hearing tested. I was able to test drive a pair and immediately noticed a huge improvement in my hearing. I was glad I didn’t wait too long. The younger you are, the easier the experience.”

Steve R

5 star review
Terri Maddox Patient Stories

“I was born severely hard of hearing, and I began wearing a hearing aid at 2 years of age. My first impression when I came to Gold Country Hearing was how friendly the staff were. In order to function in life … I need them [my hearing aids]. If you are concerned about your hearing and are considering Gold Country Hearing, I say you better go call Charley!”

Terri M

5 star review
Mary Lindberg Patient Stories

“I became concerned about my hearing when people had to repeat things to me. Gold Country Hearing knew what they were doing and had the latest equipment, which they used to its fullest. Hearing aids have allowed me to continue almost normally, unlike my brothers who refused to learn to live better with hearing aids. They just let other people yell and turned up the TV to painful levels for others with normal hearing. If you are thinking about making an appointment with Gold Country Hearing, then don’t hesitate – do it. It’s the best thing you’ll do for your health and others’ consideration.”

Mary L

5 star review
John Kelly Patient Stories

“I became aware of my hearing loss because of two situations. One, while watching TV, I started needing more audio volume than my wife, which became annoying for her. The other situation was at work, having difficulty understanding speakers at the far end of the conference room. I was reluctant to ask for repeats, as others in the room appeared to follow the conversations and I gradually became more and more uninformed.

“When I came to Gold Country Hearing, I was replacing older hearing aids that were not performing well anymore. The staff were professional and personal. With my hearing aids, I am having normal interactions with people again. I do not have to guess what was just said. If you are considering a visit, do it!”

John K

5 star review
Dennis Thomson Patient Stories

“I was young (40’s), it [my hearing loss] was gradual, and I slowly became more concerned and finally went for a hearing test. It confirmed my fears and I slowly adjusted to the fact that I needed hearing aids. My biggest concerns were who will I be talking to, will they understand my needs and be able to equip me to move ahead in my life with confidence in my ability to understand the world around me.

“My first impression was one of a high degree of competence and integrity that made me feel that I was in the right place. I love that a sense of calm and nurture from Dr. Bonney and her staff pervade the entire space and experience. I haven’t been told this, but it is my belief that I am legally deaf. My hearing has gotten slowly worse over time, and I would not be able to participate in life as I do without my aids. It is so important to me to be able hear as well as possible because I have been a singer and musician most of my life.

“If you are considering an appointment with Gold Country Hearing, I would say you need to look no further! I have been to many providers over the years, and I feel actually blessed to have found Gold Country Hearing. No one will work harder or give you a more rewarding experience than Dr. Bonney and her staff.”

Dennis T

5 star review
Donna Hardy Patient Stories
“I first became concerned about my hearing while at work when I was only 19 years old and not able to use my left ear when talking on the phone. I always have had to use my right ear for phone calls. Made it a challenge being right-handed to write and talk on the phone at the same time. Before coming to Gold Country Hearing, I was concerned I’d have to have hearing aids for both ears and about the cost.

“Gold Country Hearing was very kind, professional, and knowledgeable. I appreciated the options I was given. Having a hearing loss for many years, not able to hear conversations, having to ask to repeat many times, I felt self-conscious and avoided socializing. I also never appreciated music like others and felt deprived or left out.

“I would consider this the best place to see an awesome audiologist, an actual doctor that specializes in hearing loss. Don’t wait like I did. You really don’t know how much you are missing out on until you can hear correctly. I compare it to bad eye sight then getting new glasses and the world opens up. Hearing loss is no different.”

Donna Hardy

5 star review
David Bear Patient Stories
“I was embarrassed that I couldn’t be part of a group conversation because I missed part of what others were saying. Before my appointment, I had some concern that the hearing aids I got would be uncomfortable behind the ear – and also that the service received would not justify the cost. I was impressed with the very friendly staff and high quality of service at Gold Country Hearing. I am still adapting to my hearing aids, but so far I hear sounds that I didn’t realize I was missing…such as car turn signal clicking and birds singing. I am anxious to see if my hearing has improved significantly while in a group or at a restaurant (after COVID-19 social distancing is over). I can understand TV dialogue better now without straining so much. Gold Country Hearing provides quality service. Quality hearing aids are expensive, but Gold Country Hearing helps you utilize the quality features of those aids.”

David Bear

5 star review
Gold Country Patient Stories
“I first had concerns about my hearing way back in the late 80s. Before my appointment, I wondered how a hearing aid looked. I was impressed with Gold Country Hearing’s professionalism. Now with my hearing aids, I have less stress in understanding conversations & TV. If you are thinking of booking an appointment, just do it.”

Ted M.

5 star review
Roland Dutton Patient Stories

“My hearing loss slowly occurred over time. I kept asking people to repeat themselves, which became very embarrassing. I was very impressed with Gold Country Hearing’s efficiency and professionalism. They have markedly improved my ability to hear clearly at normal tone levels. If you are concerned about your hearing, do not be worried about your evaluation and Gold Country Hearing’s recommendations.”

Roland D

5 star review
Edward Glenn Patient Stories

“I was shell shocked from an explosion when I was 15. My hearing was totally gone for five to six hours. It returned slowly, but some of the damage was permanent. Before visiting Gold Country Hearing, I didn’t have any worries. I just hoped that I could hear better. And I did. This is very professional, caring help. It gets very quiet whenever I take the hearing aids out of my ears. Then I know how badly I need them. My wife reminds me to use them. So I do. Well, most of the time. The hearing aids have an off switch. My wife does not. Gold Country Hearing can truly improve your life. I highly recommend them.”

Edward G

5 star review
Fred Strohn Patient Stories

“I first became concerned about my hearing when I couldn’t hear what my wife said. I was concerned about an infection leading to tinnitus. I was impressed with Gold Country Hearing’s high level of expertise. With my hearing aids, I have reduced stress with my wife. I highly recommend Gold Country Hearing.”

Fred S

5 star review
Tom Agar Patient Stories

“I first realized that I might have a hearing challenge when I was at a work meeting where I couldn’t hear the key decision maker. Before coming to Gold Country Hearing, I thought that I had failed for not protecting my hearing, and I felt ashamed that I needed help at such a young age of 48. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly. Hearing aids have affected my life very positively. It’s nice to hear conversations! If you are thinking about an appointment, don’t delay. They will get to the source of your problem.”

Tom A

5 star review
Keith Porter Patient Stories

“Before my appointment at Gold Country Hearing, I felt my life would slowly change for the worse. My only concern was that I wouldn’t lose my hearing completely. Would there be some sort of stigma attached to having hearing aids? Kim was pleasant and helpful, asked me questions, and listened to me. She was very willing to answer all questions I had about what the best solution was. I hear what I need to now. Don’t wait to make an appointment. Check it out, learn your options, and improve your life.”

Keith P

5 star review

“While teaching, over 20+ years ago, I had trouble understanding vocal answers from my students. I had been to several audiologists before Gold Country. I followed my audiologist when she left her previous hearing company. I have had hearing aids for over 25 years. During that time, my hearing has slowly continued to worsen. My wife and I still lead an active lifestyle, and the aids, although not perfect, have allowed me to continue to be a part of all our family, friends, and neighborhood activities. I would advise anyone considering Gold Country Hearing to go now, sooner than later.”

Dale F

5 star review

“My hearing loss happened gradually, but eventually I realized that I was missing a lot of conversations and it was embarrassing to ask people to repeat themselves. Before visiting Gold Country Hearing, my biggest concern was that the hearing aids would be visible and that I would have to be adjusting them all the time. When my husband and I arrived at Gold Country Hearing, we were greeted cheerfully by the staff and I was impressed with the efficiency of my exam. With the hearing aids, I find that conversations and watching television are a lot more enjoyable and I do not have to say “what” all the time. I would recommend Gold Country Hearing to anyone that’s concerned about their hearing.”

Lorie J

5 star review

“Before coming to Gold Country Hearing, I could only hear half of a conversation. I actually thought everybody mumbled. It finally dawned on me that I was the one who wasn’t hearing them talk. I was getting more and more embarrassed with missed conversations. If someone was talking directly to me, I would just say, ‘Oh sure,’ ‘You bet,’ or, ‘OK.’ Then I realized that I had to do something & I did. I actually started to giggle when I first got the hearing aids plugged in. That was a grand feeling! I thought things would be more complicated. With my hearing aids, I enjoy music much more. If you’re concerned about your hearing, you should seriously consider their program.”

Kathleen N

5 star review

“I’ve been wearing ‘tin ears’ since elementary school. I was hoping to get the same service from the previous Lodi Hearing Services. I had a good experience at Gold Country Hearing. I cannot function without them [my hearing aids]. If you have a major loss, see an audiologist rather than a hearing aid dispenser.”

Mike I

5 star review

“I’m a bird watcher, and I realized I had a problem when I noticed that others were hearing birds that I wasn’t. The staff at Gold Country Hearing were very friendly and professional. The difference is almost like night and day when bird watching. I can now hear birds that I hadn’t heard in years. Have your hearing tested and get hearing aids. You won’t regret it. Gold Country Hearing makes it a pleasant experience.”

Kurt M

5 star review

“I came to Gold Country Hearing because I was lacking the ability to understand words. The staff were very understanding of my hearing problem. The hearing aids have dramatically impacted my life. If you’re considering a visit, then I’d say go see them soon.”

Bill W

5 star review

“Several years ago, I noticed that I was having difficulty hearing when I was in a restaurant environment with clusters of people around me. My primary care M.D. recommended Gold Country Hearing. My biggest concern was if I would be treated just as a customer number and not as an individual with serious hearing challenges.

“They made a great first impression. The office staff were friendly and the building and interior waiting room had a very professional tone to it. All aspects of my hearing abilities have improved, and my spouse was pleased with not having me repeat a lot of lost sentences.

“I recommend to all potential patients of Gold Country Hearing to do their own “Due Diligence.” The cheapest hearing aids may be a poor choice. In my case, I needed custom hearing earmolds to properly secure my aids in both ears for them to properly provide the normal range of hearing proficiency.”

Leo E. P

5 star review

“My hearing loss has been going on for years but was told hearing aids won’t help, because my loss in the low tones and aids won’t help me. I was surprised when I was checked this last time that my hearing had deteriorated on both ends of the scale. It was gradual, so not noticeable. I didn’t think I would get hearing aids, because in the past, my loss was mostly the low tones and I didn’t think my hearing had changed. I was impressed with how nice and helpful everyone was at Gold Country Hearing. With my hearing aids, I don’t have to ask my husband to constantly repeat himself, therefore he isn’t as frustrated with me. I would tell anyone to definitely go to them to be tested.”

Janice G

5 star review

“I had an accident that damaged the little bones in the middle ear that rendered me deaf in my good ear. I was quickly made aware of a hearing challenge in my other ear. I visited several hearing aid prescribers and bought hearing aids from three of them over a number of years. They all seemed to just want to “sell” me a hearing aid and not really help me. I found the staff at Gold Country Hearing to be very friendly people. And I was relieved that I was seen by an audiologist not just a sales person. Dr. Bonney recommended a Bicross aid for my deaf side. This made a big difference in my overall hearing. I would strongly recommend visiting Gold Country Hearing.”

Cal R

5 star review

“My hearing loss came on gradually from about 40 years old. My biggest concern now was hearing in noise and crowds. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating at Gold Country Hearing. My hearing aids allow me to function almost normally. If you are concerned about your hearing, don’t hesitate. Try it! What do you have to lose?”

Jerry Lee C

5 star review

“I really didn’t think the aids would be so small – almost unseen. You always wonder if you are dealing with a qualified professional. Once I met the Gold Country staff, I knew I was in good hands. Clean, nice ambiance, warm, welcoming. With my hearing aids, I enjoy movies, TV, conversation without having to say ‘what’ all the time. What do you have to lose with a source as well thought of as Gold Country?”

Gere W

5 star review

“I am deaf in one ear. Before coming to Gold Country Hearing, I already used hearing aids but had a quick drop in my hearing. I was referred to Gold Country by my ear doctor. The staff at Gold Country were very thorough and helpful. My new hearing aids are absolutely essential to my living a normal life. If you are thinking about making an appointment, you will receive excellent care for your hearing problems.”

Marilyn M

5 star review
“My husband asked me to get my hearing tested because I was frequently asking him to repeat what he was saying. Everyone at Gold Country Hearing was very nice and professional. I love my hearing aids and don’t want to ever be without them. Please don’t hesitate to get your hearing tested. I highly recommend Gold Country Hearing.”

Karen Zaremberg

5 star review
“I found everyone at Gold Country Hearing very helpful! Hearing aids have impacted my life by now being able to hear everyone. If you’re thinking of visiting Gold Country Hearing, I would say see them, they will help you!”


5 star review

“Having been in the Navy as a radio operator, then later working for the phone company while wearing an earphone all day long, I knew it was time to get hearing aids. That is where I met some great people at Gold Country. They were more than helpful in helping with my decision of what do I really need. It has been several years now and I am on my second set of hearing aids. I have been more than satisfied with the help I received from Gold Country. I did not really know what I needed, but Gold Country provided all the help I needed. I found the staff to be very good at helping me with what did I really need. There is a large difference in my hearing between not wearing them [my hearing aids] and wearing them. Gold Country is very helpful in my decision making of what did I really need, not just what did I want.”

Craig E

5 star review

“I was noticing that I was having trouble “catching” certain words on TV or in conversation more and more. My first impression of Gold Country Hearing was that they are a very clean, efficient, and capable operation. Now, with my hearing aids, I don’t have to run the TV so loud it annoys my wife, and I am comfortable joining in conversations with soft speakers and those with their faces turned away from me. If you’re concerned about your hearing, then you should get down there and have an evaluation of your situation and find out what can be done to help you. Also, if you have looked into it in the past, these are new times and technology has significantly progressed. Modern hearing aids are amazing.”

Larry O

5 star review
“I became concerned about my hearing the moment my wife got really mad when I asked her to turn up the sound on the TV. Before coming to Gold Country Hearing, I was concerned about the cost. I knew I needed help but was concerned it might be too expensive. Our conversations minimized those concerns. My first visit was good. The receptionist turned out to be THE nicest person in the world. Did wonder about the blueprint of the Starship Enterprise, though…

“Having hearing aids has really allowed me to increase my confidence in being a trainer. Now I felt good that the question I was answering is the one I was asked! If you are considering booking an appointment, then do it! Gold Country is the right place to get it done.”


5 star review

“My hearing loss was insidious, to say the least. I felt I could hear more than I currently was but did not realize how far gone it was until much later – perhaps 2 years. Things were happening around me daily and I could only hear a portion of what I was seeing. Yet, I put it off because of the anticipated costs involved in getting hearing aids.

“Once I accepted the idea of being in need of artificial hearing assistance, I researched the various local hearing exam locations. Gold Country Hearing was nearby and had an excellent rating online with no real negative reviews. My first contact with Gold Country Hearing and subsequent visits went surprisingly well. I don’t know what I really expected, but what I got was a caring examiner (Charlie!) who was not only friendly and courteous but obviously professional and well versed in what he was doing. Really put me at ease and made the testing experience a breeze. I was also amazed at the current technology being used to test.

“The first few moments after having been fitted with hearing aids and going outside was a true revelation. I heard all those things that were familiar to me but whose sounds had faded away over time. The difference was astounding and made me sincerely regret having waited so long.

“I would have to say that anyone considering a hearing test at Gold Country Hearing owes it to themselves to get it done now. You will be very pleased with the service, the aids and the results. Life isn’t all that long, and you really need to be able to hear it clearly to enjoy being there. It will make a difference in how you live.”

Thomas M. J

5 star review

“My daughter is the one who prompted me by one day saying, ‘Mom! You’ve got to do something about your hearing!’ I thought my hearing was pretty good. But she noticed that she was doing a lot of repeating to make me understand what she was saying. Gold Country Hearing wasn’t yet established in this area when this happened. Not knowing where to go, I consulted a friend who directed me to a hearing aid sales office where I was tested and fitted with some hearing aids. But they didn’t fit. They hurt my ear canals. I tried to adjust to them but was never happy with them.

“About three years ago, after my hearing aid sales office quit the area, I decided to try the real professionals at Gold Country Hearing. What a difference! I was met by a very professional crew: two doctors of audiology and knowledgeable assistants. I immediately had confidence in their know-how. I’m sure my friends appreciate the fact I can carry on a conversation with them. I know my daughter is grateful. I would tell anyone who is concerned about their hearing to make an appointment immediately to consult with the audiologists you will find there. Good hearing is so important to your wellbeing.”

Nell L

5 star review

“My hearing loss came about slowly due to working at an airport. In my 40’s, I realized it was harder to hear higher sounds when there was background noise. I was in my late 60’s when I recognized it was time for hearing aids. My dad had hearing aids, so I knew it was no big deal.

“I found everyone at Gold Country Hearing to be very professional. Now it’s great that I don’t have to keep saying, ‘What did you say?’. If you are considering visiting Gold Country Hearing, then go get a hearing test. It’s important to know what’s going on with your body. Being able to hear properly is part of being healthy.”

Cathy E

5 star review

“I first became concerned about my hearing when I was at dinner at a restaurant and I could not understand the conversation, but I didn’t have any fears after I got over the fact that I needed help. My first thoughts when visiting Gold Country Hearing was that this is the way it should be done! The benefits are a no-brainer. After researching and understanding the benefits vs. not having hearing aids, it is the only logical decision.”

Sandi T

5 star review

“I first became concerned about my hearing when I was about 50. I was living in the country and was not able to hear the rattlesnake that was close to me. My wife was on me to get my hearing checked before I get bit by a snake. But I put it off for years! But when I walked over a rattlesnake that was it! I went and got a hearing test. Best thing I ever done. I thought Gold Country Hearing had a very clean office and very nice people. Made me feel comfortable. With my hearing aids, people do not have to repeat what they say. If anyone is considering an appointment with Gold Country Hearing, I’d tell them you can’t go wrong!”

Jack A

5 star review

“I first became concerned about my hearing when I was about 40 and at a new job where I had trouble hearing my officemates. Since declining hearing runs in my family, I was not very surprised. My main concern was that I be able to do my job well. I am now in my 70s and my hearing has continued to decline, partly genetic. I am grateful especially for hearing aids enabling me to use the phone fairly normally. Of course, they also help in everyday situations all the time. I have no local company to compare them to, but I would not hesitate to recommend GCH.”

Barbara T

5 star review

“My wife and I went out to dinner. I think I responded ‘What?” once too many times. My first impressions of Gold Country was it’s a comfortable office, and friendly staff greeted me and were inviting. With my hearing aids, I hear wonderfully! I can carry on normal conversations, even with people that naturally talk softly. I simply ‘bump up’ my hearing aids. Problem solved.

“Go and check out Gold Country Hearing. You won’t regret it. It’s the best investment to improve your quality of life. (I do request $20 per prospect. I am a pretty convincing advocate, so a win-win: Your profits grow, and I get a little ‘retirement income.’ Thank you for considering. Once agreed, then yes, you can use my information.)”

Darrell H

5 star review

“I first became concerned about my hearing when my wife suggested strongly that I have a hearing test. The first thing that stood out to me about Gold Country Hearing was their line of professionalism. My hearing aids allow me to hear all what is going on. I give them top marks. If you are thinking about making an appointment, you could not possibly do better anywhere else.”

Ken K

5 star review
“My first concern when making an appointment was how do I deal with hearing aids, but then I had no worries because Gold Country put me at ease. They are very caring and understanding. With my hearing aids, I can even hear the birds sing! Go to them, you will be very pleased!”


5 star review

“I like Gold Coast Hearing very much as soon as I walked into the office. I would recommend them to anyone – friends, family, or strangers.”

Albert I

5 star review

“My first impression was that Gold Country Hearing was professional. With my hearing aids, I can now hear more things. I’d tell anyone who is considering an appointment with them to give it a shot.”

Doug F

“I first noticed I had a hearing problem when I was in a conference room and I could not clearly hear others. Only unintelligible sounds, which made it impossible to communicate or contribute. My first impressions of Gold Country Hearing were that they are modern, clean, and very professional. The hearing aids have enabled me to be part of the modern world again. If you are thinking of going to Gold Country Hearing, you will receive excellent care. They have many modern brands to choose from. They will take as much time as necessary to properly help you select the appropriate hearing aid.”

Philip L

“I knew I was getting older. I was having a hard time hearing my wife across the room. I kept having to tell her to look at me and speak louder. I was afraid my problem was unfixable. My first impressions of Gold Country Hearing were that it was a nice building, the checking was very easy, and the people were very polite and helpful. It turns out I didn’t need hearing aids! Amazing!!! So pleased!!! Best place here! Great staff and Dr. Bonney is fantastic also!”


“Before coming to Gold Country Hearing, my biggest concern was I was tired of saying ‘what.’ It was irritating to my family and those that I communicated with often. The staff was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and reassuring. I would be lost without my hearing aids. It keeps me connected to conversations that are going on and alert to what is happening around me. I would say I recommend Gold Country Hearing unequivocally. Great service, knowledgeable, customer friendly, and really interested in making your life better.”

Ed T

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