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Auditory Processing

We look forward to helping you achieve better hearing.

Auditory Processing at Gold Country Hearing

Gold Country Auditory Processing)

If you are experiencing difficulty understanding speech when there is background noise, often mishear spoken information, or seem unusually fatigued, you may want to contact us for an Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) test. We partner with Gold Country Auditory Processing where you can receive diagnostic auditory processing testing at our Rocklin office.

Symptoms of Auditory Processing Disorder

Auditory processing disorder may seem very similar to hearing loss. Those with APD may experience typical signs of hearing loss, but they have relatively normal hearing. Signs of auditory processing difficulty include:

Auditory processing disorder is not a hearing disorder, but a processing disorder between your ears and brain. Those with APD struggle to attach meaning to the information they hear. APD affects people of all ages, however it is more commonly seen in children. Early detection and intervention is key to ensure your child has a strong foundation (phonemic detection abilities, discrimination, identification, and comprehension) on which to build their education.

Auditory Processing Tests in Rocklin, CA

There are three main parts to an auditory processing test at Gold Country Hearing.

  1. We will take your case history. This involves looking at your age, auditory ability, genetics, and speech concerns as well as a range of other factors that may contribute toward its development.
  2. Then we will perform an audiological evaluation of your peripheral auditory system. This is a standard hearing test where we will have you listen for sounds and note your response when you hear them.
  3. The final step is an audiological evaluation of the central auditory system. This will allow us to assess the functional capabilities of the auditory system and the neural processes in the central auditory pathway.

Our experts will walk you through the entire testing process and answer any questions you may have.

APD Treatment

The purpose of the auditory processing test is to help us identify the severity of your condition and work toward creating a range of treatments to strengthen the brain’s ability to process sound and information.

Treatment for APD involves a process of auditory training and speech therapy. Both of these collaborate to differentiate between sounds and manage the language processing system. If you or a loved one is experiencing signs of APD, please contact our office immediately. The specialists at Gold Country Hearing can provide assessments, treatment, and expertise on APD.