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Lasting relief from tinnitus

Mature man using advanced Lenire technology to help with his tinnitus

Lenire Tinnitus Treatment

Lenire is a groundbreaking tinnitus treatment device approved by the U.S. FDA that combines soundscapes, using bimodal stimulation, through wireless headphones and tongue pulses customized to your hearing profile to help your brain stop focusing on tinnitus.

Dr. Emily E McMahan, Au.D., one of the first 15 providers in the United States qualified and trained to offer Lenire, is offering this revolutionary treatment to patients at Gold Country Hearing & Balance.

Lenire is a scientifically proven, at-home treatment device designed to alleviate tinnitus symptoms. With the guidance of qualified healthcare professionals, you can manage your tinnitus in a comfortable and convenient setting.

With just two relaxing 30-minute sessions per day, Lenire can decrease your perception of tinnitus over time. Out of 500+ patients across three clinical trials, 83% would recommend Lenire to others with tinnitus

How Lenire Works

The Lenire device utilizes a unique combination of headphones playing customized sounds and a Tonguetip delivering gentle pulses to your tongue. These elements work together to retrain your brain, helping you to focus less on tinnitus and consequently reducing its impact on your daily life.

Those experiencing APD struggle to pick up on the subtle differences between words like cat, bat and that, or seventy and seventeen. Additionally, words in a sentence can become scrambled so that “How are the chair and couch alike?” could be interpreted as “How the cow and hair are like?”

Gold Country Hearing & Balance will be hosting Dr. McMahan on select dates at select offices. Contact your preferred Gold Country Hearing & Balance clinic for additional details and to schedule an appointment to learn more about this revolutionary treatment.