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Gold Country Hearing

Expert hearing and balance solutions in the Gold Country.

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Gold Country Hearing and Balance Teams with Dr. Clifford Olson

Dr. Kim Bonney and Dr. Tracy Volkman are proud to be vetted members of the HearingUp Network, founded by Dr. Cliff Olson. Dr. Bonney and Dr. Volkman are committed to following comprehensive Best Practices to ensure the best treatment outcomes for their patients.

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Why Choose Gold Country Hearing?

We have a proven track record of helping thousands of people achieve better hearing through our methodical process. We offer the highest level of care to our patients and specialty services for balance issues and auditory processing disorder. Some reasons our patients continue to trust us with their audiological care are because:

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Following Audiology Best Practices

Gold Country Hearing and Balance has a team of licensed Doctors of Audiology and Hearing Care Specialists who follow Audiology Best Practices. We work with each patient to develop a comprehensive treatment plan, use meaningful, diagnostic tests to identify hearing loss or balance disorders, and establish patient-specific treatment plans.

Real Ear Measurement

If the results of your audiogram determine you could be helped by hearing aids, our team uses real ear measurement to ensure your devices are fit precisely to your needs. Real ear measurement involves placing a small microphone in the patient’s ear canal to measure the sound levels of their hearing aids. This allows our hearing specialists to fine-tune the settings of the device to ensure it is providing the optimal level of amplification for each individual’s prescriptive needs.

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Connect with Us

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